About us

With solutions aimed at the aerospace, defense and testing and measurement industries, LACE is an electronic engineering company, specialized in the development and manufacture of complex equipment and systems, such as Electronic Warfare Systems (EW), SDR (software-defined radio), RF circuits, antennas, EMI-EMC filters, shielded boxes, and others.

Our main products and services:

Development, environmental qualification, manufacture and repair of electrical and electronic equipment and systems and protection against electromagnetic effects of Aeronautics and Defense.

Provision of consulting and testing services in electromagnetic compatibility for Aeronautics and Defense electronic system projects.

Development and manufacture of structures and systems for electromagnetic compatibility testing and measuring.

LACE solutions for a connected and electrified world

LACE Products

Aerospace: surge suppressors, batteries (LiFePO4, Pb-Ac, NiMH)
Defense: RF filters, Electronic Warfare Antennas, RF Antennas
T&M: Shielded Boxes


Prototypes / Pre-serie products / electronics and tests labs / Production and Supply-chain integration and management / configuration control / agility in logistics and purchasing / AS9100 - ISO9001

Product Development

Highly qualified engineering staff / Project management / world-class labs and equipment / DO and MIL standards / virtual simulation / in-company engineering.


Lightning Lab (IEL) / Anechoic Chamber / RF Lab / HIRF / Lightning / Shielding Tests / DO and MIL standards

EMI-EMC Expertise

EMI-EMC Consulting Services / in-company engineering / third party product correction and improvement / product certification process

Complex electronic products MRO

Heavy maintenance / agility in logistics and purchasing / production integration / configuration control / AS9100 - ISO9001




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